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Provost celebrates Imperial’s outstanding health and safety champions Imperial's Provost, Professor Ian Walmsley, with winners from the Faculty of Natural Sciences Safety Team Imperial staff were recognised for their exemplary management of health and safety at the Provost’s Awards for Excellence in Health and Safety. Imperial’s Provost, Professor Ian Walmsley, hosted his first awards ceremony since joining the College last year , and praised staff for going “above and beyond” to promote safer ways of working.  He said: “The integrity of our actions and environment underpin our world class teaching and research, and excellence in health and safety is a vital part of this. "Today is an important event to mark the contribution of our committed health and safety professionals, as well as our colleagues who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to the safety and wellbeing of others.”  The Provost also highlighted the work that has gone into revising the existing Health and Safety Policy Statement which will soon be rolled out across the College, and commended the Safety department and other colleagues for improving the rate of accident reporting.  Eddie Benbow, a Thermofluids Technician from the Department of Mechanical Engineering , won the individual award this year. He was recognised for introducing a safer way of containing different gases required for combustion analysis. Eddie was nominated by Professor Peter Cawley, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering , for having an “ever-present watchful eye for lab activities.” Professor Cawley added: “Eddie is professional and knowledgeable about his health and safety responsibilities. Whilst being approachable and helpful, he carries out a lab management role in an assertive and conscientious manner.”  Reflecting on his win, Eddie said: "I enjoy working at Imperial as the work is challenging and varied, and there is a good team of support staff with whom I have great working relationships. I feel proud to receive this award as it was unexpected - I really appreciate that my efforts have been acknowledged." Eddie was also noted for taking on a voluntary role and receiving training in Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER). He has promoted the Department’s new code of practice for heavy and mechanical lifting operations, helping to ensure that necessary assessments are made, lifts are undertaken safely and that records are maintained.  The Faculty of Natural Sciences  Safety Team along with Matt Moderate, Health and Safety Technical Officer in the Safety department, scooped top prize for the team award. They won for their outstanding professionalism and teamwork throughout the transfer of the Department of Chemistry from Imperial’s South Kensington Campus to their new home do you agree in the Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH) on the White City Campus.    Stefan Hoyle, Head of Health and Safety (Faculty of Natural Sciences), said: “As part of this move, our team were involved in everything from the design of the MSRH building to creating an induction programme that allowed our colleagues to move in safely. "We moved 50,000 chemicals over from South Kensington to the MSRH, and had to implement a system to sort, segregate and organise the substances to avoid any accidents.  “We learned a lot from this move and this year, Imperial is going to introduce a new software called LabCup , which is used for chemical management. We are sharing best practice from the move with other departments as well, so that they can also be more efficient, have more storage space and better spend their budget when dealing with chemicals.”  Professor Alan Armstrong , Head of the Department of Chemistry, nominated the team, saying: “Their exceptional professionalism and teamwork led to successful implementation of numerous new safety policies and procedures. Their outstanding work put safety culture at the forefront from day one in the new building. In addition, they ensured successful coordination of the move and safe clear-up at the old online site.” The Faculty of Natural Sciences Safety Team consisted of Stefan Hoyle; Olga Kuzmina (Faculty Safety Manager); Emma Edwards (Faculty Safety Officer); Anthony Marchant (Faculty Safety Officer); Richard Price (Electrical Testing Technician); Jochen Brandt (Research Associate). Provost Ian Walmsley with Erin Hallett of Imperial College Business School Provost Ian Walmsley with Graham Brooks, Senior Research Technician representing The Hamlyn Centre team winners Provost Ian Walmsley with Carlos Lozano of Residential Services Dianna Nguyen, of the Department of Chemistry Article text (excluding photos or graphics) © Imperial College London. Photos and graphics subject to third party copyright used with permission or © Imperial College London.


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"The catch with a lot of the zero dollar plans is they still have pretty high deductibles in a lot of cases," Smith explains. (The deductible is the amount you have to pay out-of-pocket for covered services before your insurance starts picking up the tab.) Younger people who don't use their insurance very often might go for the zero dollar plans, but Smith is seeing a lot of people opt for plans that cost something every month, but have lower overall costs. "It's still saving them some money and it's a better deductible and out-of-pocket maximum, so they've really been able to use this opportunity to get what's even better coverage for them and their family," Smith says. Despite ACA Coverage Gains, Millions Still Suffer 'Catastrophic' Health Care Costs A few weeks ago, Maria Graciela Lopez in Tampa Bay, Fla., decided to keep her bronze plan, but with the new discount. She had been paying $364 a month to cover herself and her husband. Starting May 1, Lopez says they will pay $209. "That's like $160 less than we used to pay every month — that is a big deal," she says. Lopez even convinced her son to leave his employer-based insurance and sign up for an ACA plan that covers his allergy shots. Bottom line: Don't let past experience — or what you may have heard about affordability — stop you from checking out what's available right now, says Gaba of ACASignups.net . "Even if you checked last year — you went to the site, you checked, 'Oh, I don't qualify' or 'Oh, it's still too expensive' — check again, because the subsidies have been beefed up dramatically," he says. If you're already enrolled in a marketplace plan that you're happy with, all you have to do to get these new rates is to log in , click to apply for coverage, and re-select your current plan. You'll get the new rates on your premiums and other costs for the rest of the year, starting the month after you complete your application. You don't have to pick the same plan — if you find one that gives you better coverage or lower rates, you can select that instead. But be warned: Because this special enrollment period is in the middle of the year, your deductible might reset if you switch plans. If you've already paid a lot toward your deductible this year, it might be costly to start over. Theoretically, you could even change plans more than once before Aug. 15, if your new plan turns out not to be a good fit.